Audio Track For Charity.

No Budget for charity content. So I created my own music for a background track.
Charity = Good For Nothing

I spent a morning recording and about a day editing and tweaking.
I wanted simple and a bit of a wall of sound.
It’s always a challenge creating the music, the footage and then editing it all together. Something about forest from the trees sort of stuff.



Between Tall Trees

I’m going to make a little animated short, filmed down the Otways. with this track of mine as inspiration for the visuals.




While Foley Cataloging

I love my sound foley library, It’s always so much fun to create different vibes and atmospheres. This came about whist cataloging some recorded elements.




First Attempt At A Bow On A Guitar

I bought a bow to play the guitar with. I recorded something on the first night of playing with it. It came out very dark.

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